Home Project: Planning The Office Facelift

Image via  Pinterest  

Image via Pinterest 

As entrepreneurs we spend a ton of time working from home. When it gets too monotonous, we get to sneak away to coffee shops like Cafe Roze for meetings and the occasional email catch-up session, but the majority of time is spent in our home office. 

Recently we've felt that the space has been lacking creative energy. It tends to become a catchall for personal donations, stacks of client documents, or the luggage drop for Airbnb guests. Hardly inspiring! It has become so uninspiring, in fact, that we find ourselves migrating to the kitchen counter or dining room table with our laptops rather than set up in our office each day. 

If you work from home, you know how vital having a dedicated office space can be. We can only imagine how difficult it's going to be to work from home without a truly separate space once our daughter arrives this Fall! So we've decided that a revamp is in order.

Our goals in the new space are to bring in more airy colors, functional furniture and patterns that get those creative thoughts flowing. Maybe even some bigger house plants, since our thumbs are getting greener by the day.

Over the next month we will be working on making this refresh a reality. We are most excited about the custom stand desk our friend Ron is making for us since, as we've all heard, sitting is the new smoking.

Be sure to follow along over on Instagram as we post our progress on the room. 

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