The Reardenstein Collective is Changing!

Since we launched the blog back in 2015, we've been dreaming of taking it to a broader scope, using our skills and our imagination to turn The Reardenstein Collective into something more than just a blog. We have been hinting for the past few weeks that something big is happening with this in 2018 and the time had finally come to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. 

For years we have brainstormed what it would look like to work together on projects we loved. We get so much inspiration and motivation from each other, it always seemed like a no-brainer. And for years we have held off on these possibilities due to other passions and job opportunities. When an unexpected change in plans dumbfounded us at the end of 2017, we had a choice. We could sit back and let someone else's decision define or defeat us, or we could use it as a catalyst for growth and change. In the words of Epictetus,

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react that matters."

Beginning today, we are taking on clients. You might be wondering what that entails, and we are thrilled to share more. After years of working for small businesses, starting some of our own, and speaking with so many friends on the same path, we came to realize there is a gap in the market for consulting services for creative entrepreneurs. As small businesses get traction and enter growth stages, the entrepreneur isn't always equipped with resources to help them grow efficiently and sustainably. That's where we come in. Our business is divided into two categories, creative services and business services.

Creative services will include photography and styling, copywriting, user experience design for websites, and other solutions because we know it can be tough to manage all aspects of the creative process. 

Business services will be a more wholistic approach, as we'll offer strategic planning sessions, process improvement plans, business plan development and other complex solutions. Our hands-on approach means entrepreneurs and their teams will walk away with pragmatic resources and actionable, quantifiable results. We want to help businesses grow - and sustain their growth - with confidence and efficiency.

As we've begun to share our services, people have asked us who or what our ideal client looks like, and we've come to realize that answer is simple. Anyone who is passionate about their growing business and needs an advocate for change. Our Services page has more details on our offerings and how to inquire about how we can help your business. For more on our past and current clients, be sure to take a look at our Portfolio



We are so thankful that you have been so patient and supportive of us over the years with our blog. We are very excited about this new adventure and cant wait to see how 2018 unfolds.