Nashville Highlight: The Band Box

Packaged peanuts.

Stale Cracker Jacks.

That one guy screaming in your ear as he walks around with a box of flat, $12 cans of mediocre, light beer.

Ahhh... baseball season. Unless you live in Nashville, because our baseball season RIDICULOUS, y'all.

Locally sourced food.

Made-to-order gourmet.

That one guy serving up top-shelf drinks at our full-service bar (next to games of ping pong and corn hole).

Enter: The Band Box. The best thing to happen to Nashville since...ever? Located in right field of the Nashville Sounds First Tennessee Park, The Band Box is a total game changer (literally). The brotherly duo Max and Ben Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality - the gentlemen behind Pinewood Social and The Patterson House - are at it again with another home run. These puns just keep coming to us.

Forget about your grandpa's stadium food. Imagine a Porter Road Butcher hot dog topped with The Peach Truck peach relish. Now wash it down with a whiskey & coke icee! That's our go-to combo, but there's so much goodness on that menu! And if you're a Gin & Tonic fan like us, fret not. They have SIX different types of gin the quench your thirst (St. George for us, please & thank you).

And it doesn't stop at the locally-sourced food or the amazing cocktails. The space is incredible. If you can't fight your way to a corn hole or ping pong match, no worries. We tend to spectate between these intense games and the actual BASEBALL GAME. And with Nashville being so small and quaint, we're bound to run into friends for that second round of icees.

If you haven't been to a Nashville Sounds game yet, opening day is today, April 6th! We'll see you there, root-root-rooting for our home team at The Band Box!